Health Coat

Outline of Company

Business name Ahtech Kohboh Co., Ltd.
Establishment July 30, 1999
Paid Capital 10 million yen
Head Office location 435-3 ōkawada-machi,ōmura-shi,Nagasaki,Japan  856-0804

Tel: +81-957-47-9940
Fax: +81-957-47-9950
Tokyo office UIW9BLDG 4F♯10、5-6-21 kameido,koto-ku,Tokyo,Japan 136-0071
Tel: +81-3-5919-7845
Fax: +81-3-5919-7846
Nagasaki Factory &
Institute of Technology
435-3 ōkawada-machi,ōmura-shi,
Nagasaki-Pref., Japan 856-0804
Representative Director CEO Mr. Masahiro Hayashida
Patent acquisition product
1. Liquid active catalytic charcoal "Health Coat"
Japan & the US Patent acquisition
2. Ant-proof & Prevention of decay materials "Health Co-Cure"
United States, China, Taiwan & Australia
Patent acquisition.
3. Indoor environment improvement machine parts "ion control adapter system" (ICAS)
Japan, the United States & China:
Patent acquisition
Membership NPO corporation, Japan Natural-Material Conference
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