Health Coat

  1. What kind of thing is "Health Coat" ?
    We have manufactured paint by having mixed the fine powder charcoal which was the particle of size only 10 microns uder(one hair approximately 60 microns) and liquid nylon resin.
  2. Why do you mix it with liquid nylon resin ?
    The liquid nylon resin is a binder keeping fine powder charcoal. It has the effect as the adhesive at the same time.
  3. Why don’t you use the other adhesive and resin ?
    Have you applied for the patent ?
    Liquid nylon lets the steam go through, but water cannot. It is because whereas water is a particle of 0.3 microns, the steam is the particle of 0.002 microns. In addition, to let completely do breathing without blocking up the aperture of the porous body of the charcoal and to keep water retentivity and coherency are necessary, but the liquid nylon can have both to take out adsorption & desorption effect of the fine powder charcoal. We can draw out an effect of the charcoal even if we make paint by breathability and the water retentivity that the other adhesive and synthetic resins do not have.
    "Health Court" is a patented product (Patent No. 3133962).
  4. Why do you use fine powder charcoal ?
    Surface area spreads by making a fine powder, and the charcoal can draw an effect more.
    In addition, it is activated by making fine powder and come to work catalytically.
  5. Bincho charcoal is said to have the best effect in the charcoal, but is it true ?
    There is the function that it absorbs water and inorganic substance such as smell and the moisture, and absorbs in the charcoal. Bincho charcoal burnt at 1,000 degrees C – 1,200 degrees C has a basic property and adsorb a material of the acid quality. In addition, there is the characteristic of the semiconductor and shows the function as the electromagnetic wave absorbent. On the other hand, there are the difficult points such as humidity regulation speed and deodorization action speed being slow.
  6. We have an image that Bincho charcoal and other solid charcoal are more like charcoal.
    We feel we can be released if we use it a lot.
    Because coating is thin since "Health Coat" is paint, and there is not the voluminous feel of the charcoal, I am really anxious whether there is an effect.
    You do not have to worry. The charcoal shows an effect by ratio surface area from the volume. It may be said that it is a point to draw an effect to the maximum we scatter surface area of charcoal carbon without waste uniformly and how than the stick form and volume (quantity) build it up. The charcoal used in "Health Coat" is approximately 100g per 1m2 (the quantity of the resin is excluded).
  7. Why is an effect given by surface area of the charcoal ?
    By the deodorant experiment of the ammonia gas, there is the result that a smell moves to only the surface layer of the Bincho charcoal, but bad-smelling did not move to the inside that broke charcoal, In this way, the performance of the charcoal is not a thing shown depending on the volume. Because several kinds of lasting functional groups of the fine powder charcoal are tinged with it on the surface, and the physical & chemical adsorption resolution happens, smelling does not stay on the surface of the "Health Coat". ◎ It controls humidity by adsorption & diffusion ratio about humidity regulation.
  8. I heard that "Health Coat" creates antioxidant environment, but what kind of thing will be ?
    The surface layer of "Health Coat" is a lump of charcoal carbon. Because the potential difference with the neighborhood occurs, as for carbon, an active negative electron is charged with electricity to minus number. Therefore, there is a role supplying a negative electron to neighboring things. If a cation (regular charged particle) is much environment by this work to "be full of reduction action", antioxidant environment is the reason that it is possible by a reduction power of carbon (to be neutralized).
    We can show the effect more by connecting ICAS SUMICAS.
  9. If there are many negative ions in a house, why will it be good for a person ?
    It has been said from the old days that the function of charcoal "full of reduction action" is to extend lifetime of things.
    It will make a human body activated and promote health at he same time while the antioxidant environment promotes the metabolism of the person and become younger.
    We will provide the healthy splendid environment by using "Health Coat" in a house.
  10. For example, how long will an effect of the charcoal be given if six quires of room is painted with "Health Coat" ?
    Catalytic activity becomes popular so as to open if ratio surface area of the charcoal spreads and can clean air. When you think that you want to enjoy yourself in a really healthy house, the application to a ceiling and the wall is necessary at least.
  11. I want to use "Health Coat" for the bedroom, but what kind of effect can I expect in the bedroom ?
    The human being is told that gas oxidized during sleep is generated from a body. For the young person that it becomes the various smells particularly metabolism is active and a sick person and the old man that metabolism is not active adversely, the tendency is remarkable. By breathing one's bad smell, a shoulder devotes itself and the balance of the autonomic nerve collapses, none is unable to sleep soundly and stress cannot be relieved and fatigue is accumulated. A body is relaxed and stress is relieved by a function of charcoal, and it will make the environment making a healthy body when we apply "Health Coat" to a wall and a ceiling.
  12. When we apply "Health Coat" to a wall and a ceiling, and will not the effect change even if we finish it with a cross, a Japanese paper, unvarnished wood and paint ?
    If it is air permeable material, we do not have any problem. If it is the material of nature including the starch system, cellulose system or air permeable materials, the adhesive is all right. But attention may be necessary. Some charcoal burnt at high temperature is considered to get a metal property. When we finish a cross, rust such as the point rust tends to come out to the surface of the cross. Therefore, we wish to ask you to use our recommended cross. In addition, please contact us when you use other materials for finish. Our company is using the cross which has breathability and is hard to appear of the point rust after confirming by tests.
  13. We have understood that there is the effect of humidity regulation in Health Coat,
    but is it effective against dew condensation?
    About the indoor dew condensation, it is thought that the dew condensation measures on the design are almost complete with insulation material, the indoor ventilation, air circulation device and double sashes in the high insulation house of these days. However, we think we have to manage water furthermore. (It is told that 10 tons of water is exhausted in a year by the room while a human being lives.) But, it is thought that it is necessary. There is quantity of water adsorption of 15g at "Health Coat" 1m2 application area about such an atmospheric water.
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