Health Coat

Health Coat
Health Coat

"Health Coat" is functional paint.
Its purpose is to take the maximum advantage of charcoal's excellent
properties by means of applying the liquefied charcoal to the walls of the

History & Characteristics of Charcoal

■History of Charcoal.
The oldest charcoal of Japan was found in the Shikanogawa Cave, Hijikawa-cho, Ohzu-City, Ehime-Prefecture. It is said that that charcoal was made 300 thousands years ago.
As Japanese people spend agricultural life, charcoal has become to be used daily.
In the Nara era, the Nobles have come to use charcoal in Hibachi often in order to take the warmth.
Since the Muromachi era, the custom to enjoy tea has become popular among the Daimyo, the Nobles, Priests and Samurai family rank. Then, Tea ceremony charcoal was generated as the fuel for making tea.
It is said that Masters of tea ceremony like Senno Rikyuu have made the great achievement in development of charcoal making technology.
Tea ceremony charcoal is not only fuel but also a kind of art which has important elements, such as incense and fire aspect in addition to color peculiar to charcoal, luster and touch of the skin.

In the present age, charcoal is utilized in various products by attention paid to its humidity adjusting function and deodorization effect like taking the smell of the refrigerator than used as fuel.

■Charcoal's characteristics required for nowadays.
Do you know the extraordinary excellent characteristics of charcoal ?

・Charcoal adsorbs harmful chemical compositions, gas and bad smell, and purify the air.
・Charcoal takes the electromagnetic wave.

Charcoal has these characteristics and its excellent power will contribute to improvement of the house environment of the present age.
Although the present house environment becomes high airtight and high insulation, it is filled with moisture and dew condensation becomes easy to be generated if it is wrongly used.
Furthermore, the influence caused by the electromagnetic wave generated from the household electric appliances is taken up as one of the serious problems. It is concerned about giving damage to the health of the residents at the same time to shorten the life of the house.

Succeeded in Liquefaction of Charcoal.

Health Coat Although you may think it would be more safe to place charcoal at various places in the room, an adsorption power has the limit in the normal solid charcoal.
We wanted to make the housing materials efficiently by taking the maximum advantage of charcoal.
It is liquid active catalytic charcoal “Health Coat”(液状活性触媒炭) to have solved the problem.
We have succeeded in liquefaction of charcoal by the latest technique.
By applying "Health Coat" to the walls and the ceilings of the house, we can protect the house from humidity and chemical compositions with powered-up charcoal power.
Traditional raw material suitable for Japanese climate which the wisdom of ancient people conveys,
Don't you apply charcoal which is re-born newly in the latest technique to the walls and the ceilings ?
"Health Coat" will surely protect good health of yourself and your house.

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